"Golden Gate Bridge 1"

ICONIC Golden Gate Bridge. It's one of the many wonders of the world. Every time that I go there it's a different scene, never boring, never get tired of contemplating it's beauty. LIMITED EDITION TO 50

"Golden Gate Bridge 2"

This image was taken from the south east side of the bridge. LIMITED EDITION TO 50

"Golden Gate Bridge 1" Bakers Bridge

Beautiful Bakers beach on the south west side of the Golden Gate Bridge. LIMITED EDITION TO 50

"Bay Bridge 1"

Another ICONIC bridge... the Bay Bridge overlooking Treasure Island. LIMITED EDITION TO 50

Golden Gate Bridge 2, Bakers Square

There's always a different spot and different angles from where you can photograph the Golden Gate Bridge. Bakers Beach. LIMITED EDITION TO 50

"Ghost Tree 2"

Part of the ghost tree family in the beautiful twelve mile drive in Carmel Ca. LIMITED EDITION TO 50

"Lone Syppress 2"

The famous "Lone Cypress tree". Again, no matter how many times I'm here, I never get tired of photographing this tree. LIMITED EDITION TO 50

"Lone Cyppress 1"

Every time I been here is a total different experience, it's a relaxing and peaceful place. LIMITED EDITION TO 50

Ghost Tree 1, Monterey

When I took this image someone said... "where I come from, we call this tree a dead tree". True, but a ghost tree nevertheless. LIMITED EDITION TO 50

"Natural Bridges"

I'm glad I got to photographed what is left of the beautiful Natural Bridges in north Santa Cruz, Ca. It's not going to be there forever. LIMITED EDITION TO 50

"Oregon Coast"

Beautiful coast of Oregon. One of my favorite states to photograph. Plenty of beautiful waterfalls and beach sceneries. LIMITED EDITION TO 50