"Blue Heron"

Yesterday I was stuck inside my hotel room in Pleasanton Ca and by the love of God, I couldn't make up my mind if I should go out somewhere and take pictures or not. It was about 12: P.M. when I finally made up my mind and head out. I still did not know where to go because there isn't to many places here in Pleasanton that I haven't been to photograph. It was in the middle of the day and according to some photographers it is not the best time to take pictures but, I went anyway. I started driving and suddenly I remember that there was a park call "SHADOW CLIFFS" located between Pleasanton and Livermore and I headed that way. When I got there I was not very happy that I had to park on the other side of the park and then walk about a mile. They say things happen for a reason because when I started walking, right away, I saw a beautiful "Blue Heron". Lucky for me, he let me take about fifty or sixty pictures, off course, it wasn't that easy but, nevertheless, it wasn't that bad. I also, got to take pictures of some trees in the water and I was able to catch the reflections of the trees in the water, awesome!!! If I had waited to take the same pictures on the way back, it would have not been possible because the sun was way to low now and there was no more reflection of the trees in the water. Stay tune for a few of those shots on my website: www.andrade.photography


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