GAG_0037 Blue Heron 7 Pleasnton Ca
Blue Heron 6 Shadow Cliffs, Pleasanton C
Ducks 1, Shadow Cliffs, Pleasanton Calif
Wild Turkey 3
Wild Hawk 1
Oregon Ducks 2
Oregon Ducks 3
Oregon Ducks 4
Oregon Ducks 8
Oregon Ducks 5
Oregon Ducks 7
Oregon Duck 6
Oregon Ducks 1
Wild Turkey 2
Black Phoebe_3
Black Phoebe-1
Deer 1
Squirrel 1
Duck 2
Green Heron 1
Blue Heron 4
Blue Heron 3
Turtle 2
Snowy Egret 2
Blue Heron 5
Green Heron 2
Duck 1
Green Heron 3
Black Phoebe-2
"Blue Heron 2"

Photographing wild live is always a challenge. You have to be patience and go on the chase until you get the shot that you want. This is an Image of a Blue Heron. Taken at Shadow Cliffs park near Pleasanton and Livermore, Ca LIMITED EDITION TO 50

"Blue Heron 1"

Blue Heron on the look out for food. They almost never stay still, always on the go. Lots of patience is required. LIMITED EDITION TO 50

"Wild Turkey 1"

This one too was a challenge to photograph. Big fallow was chasing other males away from the females, it was mating season. LIMITED EDITION TO 50

"Wilson's Warbler"

This little fallow wanted me to photograph him, he stay there for a very long time. It's fun to photograph wild life, especially if they stay still and pose for the camera. LIMITED EDITION TO 50

"Snowy Egret 1"

It took a lot of patience to get this shot, just as the Snowy Egret had the patience to wait for it's diner to go by and scoop it up. LIMITED EDITION TO 50